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Frequently Asked Questions

What are surfactants?

A surfactant is always composed of an hydrophilic head, and a lipophilic tail. A 100% bio-based surfactant is composed with both a bio-sourced head and a bio-sourced tail. It represents today 5% of the total surfactant market globally. It is the most dynamic segment, growing by more than 20% per year.

A green surfactant is not only limited to bio-based raw material sourcing, it is also about manufacturing process. SurfactGreen is striving to apply the principles of the Green Chemistry in the development of its surfactants. These principles go beyond concerns over hazards from chemical toxicity and include energy conservation, waste reduction, and life cycle considerations such as the use of more sustainable or renewable feedstocks and designing for end of life or the final disposition of the product.

By applying the principles of the Green Chemistry we are able to develop unique, safe and sustainable surfactants.

Prevent waste

Our process generates extremely low residue / by-product production.

Design for degradation

All our raw materials are readily biodegradable and our surfactants are all readily biodegradable.

Maximize Atom Economy

Chemical processes must be designed to incorporate the maximum of the atoms of the starting materials in the final molecule. The atomic saving of SurfactGreen solutions are from 80% to 95%.

Use safer solvents

We don’t use solvent in any of our processes.

Industry segment E factor (kg waste per kg product)
< 0.5
Bulk chemicals
< 1 - 5
Fine Chemicals
5 - 50
25 - 100

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In the years leading to the history of the start-up SurfactGreen, 2 scientists from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Rennes (ENSCR), Daniel Plusquellec and Thierry Benvegnu, started in 1984 to develop 100% green surfactants from natural raw-materials. As a result they both came to realize all the potential of their new molecules.

SurfactGreen was created in 2016 by 2 inventors and 4 entrepreneurs. As a result, SurfactGreen is a an experienced team of founders and co-owners cumulating 170 years of experience in chemistry, 90 years in international business development and start-ups and finally 90 years in green chemistry academic research.


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