You are currently viewing SufactGreen wins 3rd prize for formulation at E-Cosmet’Agora 2021!!
Team photo with the 3rd prize of the 2021 formulation

This year, the 13th edition of the Cosmet’Agora was held virtually. On this occasion, SurfactGreen participated in the Formulation 2021 Award, whose theme was: the “Silvers” of 2021.

The objective was to propose a formula for people over 60 years old, meeting their needs while respecting the expectations of our society.

The Balm NWMB – Natural Whipped Magic Balm

The SurfactGreen formulation team presented the jury with a super moisturising and multi-purpose balm: NWMB – Natural Whipped Magic Balm. This balm, composed of very few ingredients, promises very intense hydration. With its airy and melting texture, the NWMB meets the expectations of Silvers by moisturising their hands, hair, elbows and feet.

This balm, formulated with CosmeGreen ES1822+, is 100% natural origin and biodegradable. By offering a 4-in-1 product, the Silvers are taking care of themselves and the planet.

The SurfactGreen team is very proud to have won the 3rd Formulation Award 2021, thanks to our NWMB – Natural Whipped Magic Balm.