Discover our range of high-performing, plant-derived surfactants. Globally patented. Made in France.
Our tried and tested surfactants are safe to handle and deliver proven results across a variety of cosmetic and industrial applications, from cleansing to conditioning.
Up to 100% biosourced, our cationic surfactants are made up of renewable raw materials and readily biodegradable, proven to degrade readily to help reduce the carbon footprint of your products.
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Our company is driven by green science, sustainability and committed to transparency


First in France to produce 100% green cationic surfactants at an industrial scale applying the Principles of Green Chemistry in every step of the development and manufacturing process.


We test, evaluate and certify that the level of toxicity and irritation of our surfactants are below the norms, therefore reducing the need for GHS toxic and irritation labeling.


Solvent-free and readily biodegradable, our manufacturing process provides less waste and is better for the environment than conventional surfactants.

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Performing surfactants from nature is our DNA

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are SurfactGreen’s premises and laboratories located?

The entire SurfactGreen team (management, sales, R&D and engineers) is based in Rennes, in Brittany. Our company’s 100% plant-based technology was developed by Renne’s School of Chemistry (ENSCR) and is now formulated in our laboratories.

Are your green surfactants made in France?

Yes, our surfactants are exclusively manufactured in France. Each of our products is made by certified subcontractors. Their Quality certifications enable us to comply with Green Chemistry principles for all our processes, and to meet our customers’ requirements.
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