SurfactGreen offers a unique natural cationic solution for eco-friendly bitumen emulsions, named EmulGreen™.

This product is available at industrial scale and manufactured in France by an eco-process based on the principles of Green Chemistry.


Reduced ecotoxicity vs amidoamines
Readily biodegradable
Eco-responsible process

2 in 1 product

Safe for equipments
Safe for people
No use of HCl

Emulsifiers properties

Ecotoxicological profile comparison

EmulGreen™ is safer for environment with a much lower ecotoxicity vs amidoamine (OECD 201, 202, 203).


Daphnia (EC50 48 h)

0.28 mg/L

Fish (EC50 96 h)

0.94 mg/L

Algae (EC50 72 h)

0.12 mg/L


Daphnia (EC50 48 h)

21.2 mg/L

Fish (EC50 96 h)

61.7 mg/L

Algae (EC50 72 h)

4 mg/L