Two independent venture capital firms and a technology transfer company have already funded SurfactGreen in 2016. They trust in SurfactGreen because they believe in their performing products and the innovative company. In fact, the investors are very important entities. 

Go Capital

GO Capital is an independent venture capital firm. With more than €160 million of funds under management, GO Capital has been investing since 2003 in start-ups and SMEs based in Western and Central regions of France (Normandy, Brittany, Pays de la Loire, Centre Val-de-Loire). We are also the main partner in Western France regarding the financing of the first years of development of innovative companies (seed + early stage). GO Capital targets high growth potential companies in sectors such as healthcare & medical, energy, digital and innovative services.

Finovam Gestion

Investment company committed to invest (in equity or quasi equity) in the most innovative companies, profitable business models and exceptional management teams. The company is regulated by the AMF (French Financial Markets Authority) and has 48M€ under management.
Lastly, Finovam Gestion seeks to invest in companies developing innovative products or services in different sectors (Information Technology and Communication, Healthcare and Biotechnology, Agro-resources and Green Chemistry, Materials and Industrial Processes, Ecomobility, Energy and Cleantech).

Ouest Valorisation

Technology transfer company for public research in Western France. Its goal is to reinforce the position of higher education institutions as players in regional, national and European economic development. It has financial resources that can be invested in R&D projects selected by its team and targeting market needs.
Ouest Valorisation makes innovation resources from public research available to businesses. As a result, it is the key player between public research and the industrial sector.