Where are SurfactGreen’s premises and laboratories located?

The entire SurfactGreen team (management, sales, R&D and engineers) is based in Rennes, in Brittany.

Our company’s 100% plant-based technology was developed by Renne’s School of Chemistry (ENSCR) and is now formulated in our laboratories.

Are your green surfactants made in France?

Yes, our surfactants are exclusively manufactured in France. Each of our products is made by certified subcontractors. Their Quality certifications enable us to comply with Green Chemistry principles for all our processes, and to meet our customers’ requirements.

What impact does your manufacturing process have on the environment?

From formulation all the way through to usage, SurfactGreen products are designed to reduce their environmental impact as much as possible:

  • Our surfactants are all natural: they are solvent-free and exclusively created using European, plant-based, organic raw materials such as beetroot and rapeseed
  • Our manufacturing processes are in line with Green Chemistry principles, and the only sub-product generated is water
  • Our products are all biodegradable, and present low toxicity for humans and the environment

Where do your raw materials come from?

We pay very close attention to the origin of all our raw materials, regardless of whether the bio-sourced surfactants are then used for personal care, detergents or bitumen. Materials are sourced in Western Europe – namely as concerns beetroot and rapeseed.

Are your surfactants bio-sourced?

Yes, we exclusively develop surfactants of natural origin (between 95 and 100% as per the ISO 16128 standard), created using organic produce such as beetroot and rapeseed.

Moreover, we resort to upcycling for sugar beets. We make use of molasses unused by the food industry when formulating our solutions.

Upcycling consists in recovering products no longer needed and transforming them into goods of higher quality or better usage.

Are your formulas certified?

Yes, our CosmeGreen products dedicated to natural and organic cosmetics are COSMOS-certified by Ecocert and NATRUE. They are also of 100% natural origin, as per the ISO 16128 standard, and are not tested on animals.

What is the impact of our products on the environment?

Our products are easily biodegradable and very low in ecotoxicity.