Production, caracterization and formulation

Our R&D Center is able to produce samples, define products properties, and support formulation process with our customers. SurfactGreen has its own laboratory with a dedicated team expert in both synthesis and formulation. Located in one of the largest and dynamic chemistry research center in France, SurfactGreen gets also access to the latest analysis technologies such as NMR, LC-MS, Utra turrax, and many others.

Production capacities for customers sampling

Thanks to a fully equipped laboratory with the latest technologies and our expert team, SurfactGreen is able to produce on request, allowing our customers to test our products within their own formulations.

SurfactGreen R&D Centre : 5 L pilot reactor
SurfactGreen R&D Centre : drop shape analyzer

Bring supports to our customers to define molecules properties and characterization of products

We have a long experience in products caracterization. Based on official norms or specific customer requirements, our team is able to caracterize our products for many different applications and provide scientific data to support formulation process.

  • Tensiometry
  • Wetting power
  • Emulsifiying power
  • Rheology
  • Emulsion stability
  • Solubilizing power