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The start-up SurfactGreen, specialised in plant-based chemistry, succeeded in industrialising its activity and announced its first order.

SurfactGreen meets its commitments. The company specialised in the production of bio- sourced surfactants completed its first industrial-scale productions and booked its first order with Eiffage Route. SurfactGreen thus gave credibility to its ambitions on the plant- based chemistry market.

Investments and industrialisation

Thanks to its financial partners, Go Capital and Finovam Gestion, as well as to the 2018 innovation contest held by Bpifrance (grant worth 1.1 million euro), SurfactGreen has developed very strong R&D activities in the field of surfactants and green chemistry.

SurfactGreen booked on its first order with Eiffage Route. Pierre-Yves Divet, President and Founder of SurfactGreen: “It is a delight for us to engage in our first contract with our historical partner, Eiffage Route. There has been a great deal of mutual trust between us from the very beginning of the SurfactGreen adventure. We managed to penetrate the extremely competitive market of construction, thanks to our eco- responsible and most importantly high-performing products.”

SurfactGreen successfully managed its industrialisation, thanks to the support of its partner, PALCHEM, based in the north of France. “Crossing the industrialisation step, is a key achievement that gives sound credibility to our ambitions.” states Xavier Roussel, Managing Director and Co-Investor at SurfactGreen.

SurfactGreen’s know-how

Leveraging the principles of green chemistry, SurfactGreen develops various types of patented and eco-compatible surfactants. They are obtained from renewable and available raw materials, that do not come into competition with the human food chain, making large- volume production possible. The surfactants produced by SurfactGreen target various applications: bitumen emulsions, cosmetics and industrial detergents.

Xavier Roussel, Managing Director and Co-Investor at SurfactGreen: “SurfactGreen’s success comes from its ability to develop products exclusively driven by customer requirements. Indeed, no products are developed without a steady partnership at each step of the development process, with at least one industrial partner. Innovation does not only concern products, it also concerns work processes!! This means we are entirely focused on our customers’ needs and can act quickly – which are essential features to ensure our credibility and funding.”

SurfactGreen is expanding its team

Staff numbers have doubled within less than 1 year. We now count 10 people working for the start-up, with the latest arrivals to SurfactGreen last summer. Clémentine Martin-Lepicard is in charge of regulatory and business affairs, and Quentin Brouet is the new business developer.

About SurfactGreen

SurfactGreen is the fruit of a business unit from the ENSCR, born in 2011. In October 2016, it became a start-up, with several years of research already behind it. In January 2017, it successfully raised 1.2 million euros in funding. Its financial partners are: Go Capital, Finovam Gestion and SATT Ouest Valorisation, in addition to the 6 private shareholders who work for the start-up. SurfactGreen develops, formulates and markets readily biodegradable patented surfactants, with very low toxicity levels for humans and the environment. Its products stem from agro-resources, such as sugar beet and algae. Its products are aimed at various fields of activity, such as construction, cosmetics, industrial detergents, oil extraction and bio-controls.