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Surfactants are present in everyday products, such as cosmetics, household products, and even in our roads. In fact, we can find surfactants in shampoos, conditioners, makeup removers and other cosmetic products.

If we were to simplify what a surfactant is, we would say that it is an ingredient for mixing an aqueous phase – water for example – with an oily phase. This is why this product is so common in our daily lives.

The most used surfactants are anionic or nonionic, but there are also cationic surfactants. The majority of cationic surfactants are of petrochemical origin, non-biodegradable and very ecotoxic, raising serious environmental issues. Their replacement is therefore necessary for our health and the preservation of the environment.

That is why at SurfactGreen we have developed bio-based surfactants that are up to 100% natural origin. Our range of CosmeGreen products are made from rapeseed oil and upcycled sugar beet and have a profile that is significantly more respectful for the environment and our health. Use them to improve the sustainability of your personal care formulas without compromising performance.