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Overweight suitcase on the plane, 3 times too many clothes for 2 weeks of holidays, hours of driving to discover a beach full of tourists, don’t worry, we know what it’s like!

As the summer holidays approach, check out our 4 tips for an environmentally friendly holiday.

Tip 1: Enjoy the national gems

With covid-19 still punctuating our summer days, planning a holiday is certainly no easy task. However, we are fortunate to have some beautiful places in France that are only a few hours away by car. So make sure you go on a Made in France holiday and take the opportunity to discover our beautiful French regions. This way, we avoid taking the plane and prefer the train!

Tip 2 : Give up the car for Green transport

We already hear children say “when are we coming” and “I have to pee”. So to avoid this, plan car-free days and opt for greener transport. Whether it’s the metro in the city, cycling to the sea, hiking in the mountains or even a pony ride in the countryside, it’s a green and fun way to discover new places.

Tip 3: Solid products are ideal for holidays

A shampoo or shower gel that leaks into your toilet bag or onto your clothes? Who hasn’t had this nasty surprise when opening their suitcase? With solid products, no more problems with the cap opening #plasticfree, so opt for this alternative that will make your life easier. Solid products are easy to carry around and have zero waste.

Tip 4: Plan, Plan, Plan

We all know what it’s like to go holiday shopping with the kids, you come out with a full trolley and no more than three meals. So to avoid waste and a hole in the wallet, the best solution is to plan the meals. You can also plan holiday activities and outings to save long car journeys and have enough for the club sandwich on the day’s hike.