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For several months now, we have been observing a new trend with the launch of waterless cosmetic products or solid products. This new trend of solids comes at a time of changing consumer habits, especially with the desire to consume in a more environmentally friendly way.

Unlike traditional cosmetics, solid cosmetics do not contain water, which makes it easier to formulate products. Indeed, the presence of water, which deteriorates over time, obliges formulators to add chemical preservatives so that the product does not degrade. Without water, solid cosmetics have a longer shelf life and are preservative-free.

While for some, cosmetics are a way to preserve water, which is an important natural resource, for others, it is the desire to consume more natural products, with fewer ingredients and above all with many advantages. In addition to being suitable for all types of consumers, solid cosmetics allow us to move towards a zero waste and plastic-free bathroom.

Adopting solid cosmetics means adopting a more eco-responsible mode of consumption and being more attentive to what we put on our skin and in our hair.

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