Awards : recognition of the strengths of our value proposition

SurfactGreen already received different awards in Europe and in France. It recognizes also our green start-up. And most importantly it highlights the strengths of the patents and the surfactants in the attractive and fast growing surfactant market.

The recognitions of our green start-up based on surfactant

The winning start-up of the Innovation Contest organised by BPI France

In 2018 SurfactGreen, a company specialised in the production of bio-sourcedsurfactants, won the Innovation Contest organised by Bpifrance – as part of its Investment for the Future Programme. 

With its 1.1 million euro reward, SurfactGreen will be able to maintain its growth: hirings, industrialisation and sales partners are on the agenda for the next few months.

The Innovation Contest is a support grant financed by the Investment for the Future Programme. It is targeted to innovative projects undertaken by start-ups and SMEs, and aims to highlight projects offering strong prospects for the French economy.

French Bank Foundation

In 2016 SurfactGreen obtained the first prize from a French bank foundation (Banque Populaire de l’Ouest). The bank congrated Thierry Benvegnu for his participation to SurfactGreen.

The Bank helps the scientific in their project of innovation and research.

Brittany contest for the innovative technology

As a result of its innovativ project the Scientific Advisor Thierry Benvegnu obtained the first prize with the project SurfactGreen during the Brittany contest for the innovative technology in 2013.

SurfactGreen is consequently recognized in the green chemistry area in the west of France.

French contest for the most promising Start-Up

Among 120 start-ups, Surfactgreen won in 2013 the first prize in the category “Emergence” of the French Contest for the most promising Start-up.

Leading by the Scientific Advisor Thierry Benvegnu, SurfactGreen received therefore the recognition of being a green innovative and performing start-up.

Sophie Colombel declared also that this award will allow to develop SurfactGreen. The team of SurfactGreen wants consequently to finance the Business plan, the market ressources and also the creation of the company.

European Forum for Innovative Start-Ups

In 2013 the start-up Surfactgreen received the second prize of the innovact The European Forum for Innovative Start-ups challenge.

Driven by the Scientific Advisor Thierry Benvegnu, SurfactGreen has been able to offer an expertise in chemistry “Green” for the production of eco-compatible surfactants.

Thanks to this challenge, SurfactGreen obtained also an european awareness and expert advice.