You are currently viewing SurfactGreen : Winner of the Shanghai Cleantech Innovation Booster – SCIP + 2020 Contest !

This international contest is organized by the SCIP+ Shanghai Chemical Industry, awarding the most promising Green Chemistry Innovation of the Year.

“It was a great honor for Surfactgreen to pitch and be awarded by the Shanghai Chemical Industry Contest SCIP+2020. It will boost our international awareness and credibility. Indeed, register our products according to the specific chinese registration process is not only critical to enter the chinese market, but also to supply international customers.”said Xavier Roussel, CEO of SurfactGreen.

We’d like to warmly thank the Shanghai Green Chemistry Innovation and Entrepreneurship Contest organisation for this award, as well as the Shanghai Business France team for their great support.

SurfactGreen won a one-week immersion in Shanghai to meeting with the Shanghai Chemical Industry. We will also receive advices from the Chinese Business France experts regarding IP and registration management.