SurfactGreen develops and produces PERFORMING 100% Green cationic surfactants. 

Leveraging our expertise in green chemistry, we  have built  strong values to deliver innovative products for our customers:


Innovative cationic surfactants
Cationic emulsion capacities
Film forming
Antistatic properties
Low interface tension
High wetting capabilities
Easy to use, flakes and liquids
Stable over a broad pH and temperature range
Versatile use in many market segments

Environmental Safety

100% derived from renewable feedstock sources
Eco-responsible and sustainable process (Green Chemistry) 
Create additional value for food co-products, Upcycling
No competition with human food chain
Readily biodegradability
Low ecotoxicity
Made in France

Human Safety

Very low in human toxicity
Eliminate toxic labels
Sulfate free
Preservative free


REACH Registered
Available on Industrial scale 
Palm free alternatives