Our History : more than 30 years of evolution

In the years leading to the history of the start-up SurfactGreen, 2 scientists from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Rennes (ENSCR), Daniel Plusquellec and Thierry Benvegnu, started in 1984 to develop 100% green surfactants from natural raw-materials. As a result they both came to realize all the potential of their new molecules.

The SurfactGreen's evolution

SurfactGreen's history

Patented research

From 1984 up to 2020, the inventors published 8 international patents. 3 of them are co-owned in partnership with 3 international companies. Surfactgreen is continuously developing new patents to protect our innovations and their applications.

Creation of a Business Unit

In 2011, Thierry Benvegnu created the Business Unit Surfact’Green with the objective to assess market attractiveness.

Creation of a Start-Up

SurfactGreen was created at the end of 2016. Funded by 2 venture capital firms, a technology transfer company, the 2 inventors and 4 entrepreneurs. SurfactGreen raised 1,2 million Euros of Equity. The BPI ( French Investment Bank ) awarded grants and early stage loan for a total of 0,5 million Euros