Team : the meeting of 2 Inventors & 4 Entrepreneurs

An experienced team of founders and co-owners cumulating 170 years of experience in Chemistry, 90 years in international business development / start-ups, and 90 years in green chemistry accademic research is piloting SurfactGreen.



President and founder

Pierre-Yves Divet (Chemical Engineer) is a private investor in the chemistry sector. Pierre-Yves has an international track record over several decades in leading large chemical companies.



Chief Executive Officer and co-owner

Xavier Roussel (INSEAD Executive MBA, BA Sales & Marketing) has held various positions (Supply Chain, VP Sales & Marketing, VP Operations, Managing Director) in different countries. Mainly focused on international development, Xavier has been involved in food, agro-business, renewable energy, and fine chemistry.


Inventor, scientific advisor, and founder

Thierry Benvegnu (Ph.D in organic chemistry at ENSCR, postdoctoral studies at the Stanford University, USA) is professor, specialized in the design of 100% bio-based surfactants. Thierry received 6 awards, and published more than 80 scientific papers, 18 patents and is the co-author of several books.


Business Developer and founder

Daniel Danjean (Engineer ENSC Toulouse) has 25 years of experience as business developer for international chemical distributors. Indeed, Daniel is an expert in surfactant applications such as cosmetic, detergent, paint, building, printing and agroscience. He is also expert in formulation, registration, labelling and has a diploma of trainer FFP.


Inventor and founder

Daniel Plusquellec is former Dean of Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Rennes (ENSCR), France and former President of Fédération Gay-Lussac ( Currently, Daniel is Emeritus Professor and Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry (UK). Daniel has published more than 130 scientific papers, patents and is the co-author of several books.


Scientific advisor, and co-owner

Jacques Biton (Phd in biotechnology) has held operational positions in R&D in international pharmaceutical companies. Since 2002, Jacques is involved in set up (from initial idea up to IPO on alternext) and operational management of innovative start-ups in cleantech, greentech and biotech.


R&D Engineer

Freddy Pessel is a Chemical engineer from Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Rennes (ENSCR). Freddy also owns a PhD in Green Organic Chemistry from University Paris-Sud. Lately, Freddy worked for 2 years on the development on surfactants from brown algae.


Formulation Engineer

Francis Galle is a chemical engineer from Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Lille (ENSCL). As a new member of Surfactgreen, Francis will be able to rely on his experiences with surfactants used in detergent and agrochemical for the development of SurfactGreen molecules.